Friday, March 30, 2007

Beer Myths

I was particularly interested in the following myths:
  • The darker the beer, the more alcohol it contains.
    • This one seems quite odd, as I can think of no reason people would believe this. All of the higher alcohol content beers I have had were lighter beers, but I just don't see what color would have to do with alcohol content.
  • Beer is ruined if warmed and then refrigerated.
    • This one I believed, but it is at least somewhat true so I can't really buy it being a true myth. Some quality reductions happen over time from this practice, but nothing too harmful.
  • The Guinness they sell in Ireland is better.
    • I fully believe that drinking locally accurate beer improves the experience. When I am in Mexico, I want a Mexican beer even if it is not the best beer. I understand that the beer in Ireland is the same as the beer sold here in the States, but locale does have some impact.
  • Beer shouldn't be bitter.
    • It can be harder to learn to love an IPA vs. an Oatmeal Stout, but the journey is well worth it. A good high IBU ale can be very tasty, and I will be brewing one before the end of summer, but bittering is a necessary step in brewing any beer.
  • Corona is Mexican piss, and Singha has formaldehyde in it.
    • WTF? It sounds like drunk talk to me.



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