Monday, July 16, 2007

Made in the Shade Beer Tasting Festival

Sharon and I went to the Made in the Shade Beer Fest this past weekend. This is put on by the same guys that did the one Matt and I went to in Tempe back in the Spring. I sprung for VIP tickets which turned out to be a very good idea. Apparently there was a 40-60 minute delay to get into the festival without the VIP pass and by the time we would have entered it would have been a minimum of a 15 minute wait at nearly any booth for a tasting. By entering early, we got tastes without waiting hardly at all at some of the most popular vendors. Sharon loved the Dogfish Head Festina PĂȘche which is a great summer seasonal along with the Redstone Raspberry Nectar Mead. It looks like I will have to start the 12 month long process to brew some mead. I enjoyed the Lagunitas Maximus and the Sonoran Inebriator Stout for beers I hadn't tried before. My big score was at the end of the festival, but I will post that tomorrow along with a picture.



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