Monday, March 26, 2007

2007 Southwest Salsa Challenge

This is the ninth year that my wife and I have gone to the salsa challenge. This is also the second year that they have held it at Tempe Beach Park rather than the Scottsdale Stadium. It is nice that they are able to hold it a month earlier, and it even paid off as the temps were in the 70's, but the location has some problems. They failed to learn from last year's set up and the experience of the other events held at the location and thy still have an overfilled corridor of salsas right at the opening, coupled with nothing in the central large grass area. 2 weeks ago, at the beer festival, almost all of the beers were served in the central area and it worked quite well. There was also an issue about seating. There are a large number of seats right next to the "lake," but they actually blocked them off with a fence, and those seats not on the wrong side of the fence were restricted for vendors only. There weren't actually any signs or any noticeable reasons for restricting these seats other than the angry, fat security guy who kicked us out. Some great salsas, and as always some horrible salsas as well. Sharon tried one with cantaloupe in it which was, obviously, disgusting. Once more the Burdette salsa was the most popular booth, with salsa I wouldn't feed to my dog. Actually some of the greatest salsas were at the back and not heavily visited, and it seems to work this way each year, so that is always a bonus.



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