Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Dry Irish Stout Notes

Here is the ingredients list for my brew:

1 3.3 lb can of Dark Unhopped Munton's Malt Syrup
2 lbs of Dark Dried Malt Extract
6 oz of Crystal Grain
4 oz Roast Barley Grain
2 oz of Cascade Hop Pellets
Brewers Salts
Irish Moss
1 Package Munton's Ale Yeast

I brought 1.5 gallons of water to 165 degrees, adding my salts just before it peaked, and started my 30 minute steep. I let the temp continue to rise to 170 and tried to maintain that temp. The temp spiked up to around 180 before I was able to stabilize it. I pulled the grains and let them drain for just a bit. Not a whole lot came out of the bag. Dumped in the malt syrup and then the dry DME (Dark Malt Extract) stirring and moving it on and off the heat to keep it from boiling over. I tossed in all 2 oz of hops and started my 40 minute boil (The instructions suggest 20-30 minutes but I saw recipies that go as high as 60), dumping in the Irish Moss in the last 10 minutes. I dumped this hot wort over 3 gallons of RO filtered water and then topped it off to the 5 gallon mark. The temp of this mess was just a bit over 100 degrees. I gave it some time to cool, grew impatient after 15 minuted and placed the whole bucket in an ice bath. Once the temp dropped below 100, I checked the OG and found it to be 1.040 and pitched the yeast (I bloomed the yeast in warm water earlier, I can't just toss dry yeast on anything). This is just below the noted starting gravity that the kit notes. Last night I checked and there was plenty of krausen on top. The odor was perfect, with a slight alcohol note confirming the fermentation. I plan to rack it to secondary this Friday after checking the gravity. The expectation is for a gravity of around 1.010. I took the temp of the brew last night, and found it to be almost exactly 70 so I think I can say that my cooling technique is working.

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