Monday, October 23, 2006

Oggi's Pizza's Black Magic Stout

This past Sunday I tried out a beer from Oggi's. There is one of these San Diego favorites right near my parent's house in Glendale and we have had pizza there many times for various birthday's. This time when picking up a couple of pies I popped over to the bar to try out one of their brews. I opted for the Black Magic stout, mostly because I hadn't had a stout in a while, and with the weather "cooling off" it feels like it is the season. The first thing I noticed is that appeared to be dispensed though a nitrogen tap, as the tap for this beer was different from the rest. The beer came with a very light head, because of this there wasn't much lacing or lasting head which I blame on the tap more than anything else. Light aroma of roasted malts with a hint of alcohol. Great mouthfeel, due mostly to the nitrogen. It was very drinkable, but with its relatively high alcohol content I would't want to push it too far.



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